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The contest recognizes Chinese students with excellent intercultural communication abilities

Boston, Mass (December 4, 2017) – U.S. News Global Education will sponsor the Apocalypse Academic Research Institute’s Intercultural Communication Competence Contest (ICCC), a competition which recognizes and rewards Chinese high school students who demonstrate exemplary abilities in intercultural communication. U.S. News Global Education will award scholarships to top competing students for a participating partner university.

Secondary school students who participate in the competition are able to stimulate and accelerate their English language learning, cultivate their critical thinking skills, and demonstrate their ability to communication cross-culturally. Experts from intercultural, English language, and university admissions offices will serve as judges for the multi-round competition. The initiative promotes importance of a global perspective and rewards students for their talents.

Students can apply to participate in the competition by completing the ICCC examination form by February 10, 2018. The semi-finalists will be announced on March 18, 2018, in which they will be sponsored by colleges and universities, and can choose the nearest match point. There are two rounds of semi-final competitions, with the final competition being held in Beijing in late July 2018. Finalists will compete to potentially receive one of ten awards at the event, in addition to the opportunity to win a scholarship from a U.S. News Global Education participating partner university. Students can visit for the full timeline of events.

The Intercultural Communication Competence Contest was established by the Apocalypse Academic Research Institute in 2016 to recognize talented Chinese students who have a robust foundation of both their native language and English, and are able to communicate interculturally, and display an acute international perspective.

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