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U.S. News Global Education helps international students find the best U.S. universities that fit their interests and desired educational outcomes.

How? By pairing U.S. News & World Report’s authoritative Best Colleges rankings and data with Shorelight Education’s international student expertise. Together this trusted analysis, student-focused insight and thorough support allow international students to:

  • Quickly research thousands of U.S. universities to find the schools that best match their interests.
  • Simplify the research, analysis, decision-making, application and enrollment processes.
  • Get localized information to make more informed decisions during the university selection process.

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Simpler School Search

Finding the right U.S. school can be challenging and overwhelming. Here’s how U.S. News Global Education makes the entire process easier, faster and more rewarding.

Globally Trusted Rankings
Our university rankings are powered by U.S. News & World Report, the global authority when it comes to analysis on schools, degree programs and more. As a result, students and their families can make the most informed academic decisions.

Localized Content
Students get the most access to rankings and other analysis to find the right U.S. university experience. All content is localized to the students’ country, providing a custom experience to users. And with access to more than 10 million visitors a year, universities can connect with the best students worldwide.

Advanced Information
Choosing the right U.S. university is a big and complicated decision. Our technology and analysis on school data allow students and their families to make smart, rewarding choices when selecting the appropriate university.

Easy Research and Application
International students face confusing forms, language barriers and other unique challenges. That’s why we support students through the entire research and application process, including providing immediate access and enrollment.

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