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study abroad experience

You can take our word for it – or your fellow international students.

When you come to study in the United States, you will have a support system designed to help you have the ultimate study abroad experience. The American education style emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, research and greater independence. These will help you through your journey by giving you the tools you need to succeed. But your story is all your own.

Ten international students share their own personal experiences studying abroad about coming to an international-friendly university in the U.S. Through the lens of their experience, you will have an idea of how your own university life will be one day.


There are hundreds of accredited universities in the U.S., including highly ranked schools that combine rigorous academic programs with specialized international student services to help you succeed. Here are some international student stories.

1. How do you know you found the right school for you?

“I thought that American University would be good for my major. When I saw the ranking for American University, I was impressed and wanted to enroll. Even from my first time here, I have had a great experience. I love all of my professors. The courses fit with my career and goals. I would definitely recommend this beautiful university to all of my friends in Indonesia and around the world.”
– Elyas, Indonesia, American University

2. What else did you consider about your school, beyond the classroom?

“With top scholars and advanced facilities – including 10 specialized laboratories – students here experience great enhancement in our academic ability, and we gain both theoretical and hands-on training. This enhancement can lead to good job opportunities in the future.”
– Jing, China, University of Dayton

3. Did your school’s location influence your choice?

“I decided to attend FIU for several reasons. One of them is because I knew that FIU was among the best colleges of business in the U.S. I would also be able to study with students coming from different cultures and backgrounds. Another reason is that Miami is the place where thousands of international companies are located. This city is continuously growing which will open many opportunities for me in the future.”
– Fenix, Venezuela, Florida International University

4. Did your school of choice offer your major?

“UCF’s computer science program is one of the strongest in the United States, so this was the right choice for me. At UCF, I realized that we all have similar motives and ideas. Our experiences and perspectives might be different, but I felt I could connect with other students. UCF did that for me.”
– Deepak, India, University of Central Florida


Many U.S. universities will support international students in a variety of ways, including getting from the airport to campus, helping with necessities like cell phone plans and cultural acclimation support.

5. How was your first day in your university?

“My first experience at KU was actually when I met my Student Services Advisor Artie Markosov. I came to see Artie because the airport had lost my luggage and I didn’t know what to do. Also, neither my mother nor I were confident calling the airport and working with them over the phone to find my luggage. Luckily, Artie called the airport and not only found my luggage, but also found a driver to take my mom and me to the airport to get my bag. I am really grateful that he was there to help us.”
– Tong Wu, China, University of Kansas

6. Did you have any trouble adjusting when you first arrived?

“During orientation week, the IAP staff and orientation leaders were extremely helpful and friendly, making it quite easy for me to settle in. I was a bit jet-lagged the first few days, but they helped take away my stress by picking me up from the airport, taking us all on a campus tour to show us where to eat and where our classes were, and even taking us on a shopping trip to Target. I really felt that ensuring a comfortable transition into USC was not just a job for them. They truly cared about making sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed.”
– Ayobami, Nigeria, University of South Carolina


Being “international friendly” has different meanings at different schools. Every institution is trying to answer the question: How can we help international students have the best study abroad experience?

7. How do your professors work with your English skill level?

“The business program has its own building that’s a very big part of LSU, and the professors are very professional and helpful. Some of them are Chinese. For some of them, English is their second language, so they can speak more slowly and you can ask them questions after class in their office hours. That is very helpful.”
– Xuejiao, China, Louisiana State University


A truly international-friendly school will help you prepare for the global workforce. Whether you are planning to return to your home country or wish to seek a job elsewhere, many institutions provide career assistance for international students. These stories of students who study abroad will show you how some of your peers prepared for their careers.

8. Does your university help you with your career?

“The Auburn Global Career Accelerator has helped me understand the internship process and how to build work experience for my future career. Before, all I knew I needed was a resume and interview skills, but I didn’t understand cover letters, mock career fairs or how to network. The workshops here helped me understand how to build a network.”
– Xiangchen, China, Auburn University

9. What other resume experience have you gained?

“I am the president of the KU AAP Student Leadership Council. Being the president of this group has given me more confidence in myself than I have ever had prior to coming to KU and has empowered me to want to be a leader of my peers.”
– Selena, China, University of Kansas

10. How do you feel about entering the workforce?

“Being part of the Career Accelerator has enhanced my interpersonal and professional skills. I know that there is a job out there for me. Companies want people who are bright and upcoming.”
– Yahika, India, Adelphi University, Global MBA

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