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Why study in the U.S.? Check out the many great reasons to choose international-friendly U.S. studies programs.

Studying in the United States gives you access to some of the top universities in the world. Every university is unique and has something special to offer, but not all of them are the right fit for you. With so many universities and studies programs to choose from, how do you narrow down your search? Look for international-friendly universities ready to help you meet your personal and academic goals. 

International-friendly studies programs have proven their commitment to supporting international students. Not only do they deliver a world-class education, they give you the tools and assistance to make the most of it. Here are 5 resources that international-friendly studies programs offer.

1. International Student Services Office

Counselors and support staff at the international student services office are experts at helping international students navigate university life. They can help you understand the application process, handle visa questions and help find you housing. After you’ve arrived on campus, they can guide you through getting oriented, signing up for classes and accessing all of the services and support available to you.

2. Career Support

International students can work on campus and even get internships with businesses off-campus. But there are some restrictions based on student visa regulations. International-friendly studies programs have career counselors who are experienced in helping international students find work that meets visa requirements. Plus, they can show you how to write a resume that meets U.S. resume standards and even help you practice for job interviews.

3. Cultural Diversity

The United States is a diverse part of the world and is often referred to as a “melting pot.” Our studies programs focus on cultural diversity, bringing together students from around the globe. Attending one gives you the opportunity to learn new languages, meet new friends and experience new cultures, all while earning your degree.

4. International Student Clubs

One powerful way to build connections with students from around the world is by joining a student club. These clubs are an opportunity to meet and mingle with people from diverse cultures. You will see how their experience matches your own and make friends in the process.

5. Classes for International Students

Many international-friendly universities offer special classes to help international students like you adapt to college life and learn more about American culture. You will learn a lot, and maybe even get to take a field trip to experience what you’re learning first-hand.

Explore international-friendly universities to find your perfect-fit school.