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campus clubs

Campus clubs are a great way to meet people and explore new interests

When deciding which U.S. university to attend, you might consider which majors they offer, where they are located or their reputation. One thing you might not think to consider is which campus clubs or professional organizations are available. Social activities for international students might not seem as important as other factors, but they can make a big difference to your college experience. They might even help you get a job after college.

Campus clubs and organizations can help you build skills and relationships that help you in school, at work and for the rest of your life.

Here are some reasons to join campus organizations and clubs while studying in the United States:

1. Explore your interests

If there is something you love to do, there is probably a campus club full of other people who like it too. Together, you can explore your interests and learn new things outside the classroom. Campus clubs and organizations are another way to learn and grow and there are hundreds of opportunities such as honor societies, sports, study clubs, volunteering, cooking, gaming and more.

2. Discover new hobbies

Hobbies are good for you. They help reduce stress and can create connections with people who share your interests. When you join a campus organization or club, you can test new hobbies to find one that is fun and interesting for you.

3. Meet new people

Student organizations and campus clubs are made up of people who share similar interests. You might find a new friend at an international student organization meeting. At the very least, you will make connections with people who are in your industry or share your interests. Friends and connections can improve your college experience now and make your future job search easier.

4. Build your resume

When you first go looking for a job, you may not have a lot of experience in your industry. Involvement in clubs or organizations can help you show future employers that you have important skills like teamwork, communication, organization and leadership.

You can give your resume an extra boost by joining a professional organization. These organizations are designed to help members further their careers and the profession as a whole. If your college does not already have a chapter of the organization on campus, you can really show off your leadership skills by starting one.

5. Improve your English language skills

Getting involved with a club or organization means you’ll need to communicate with others in the group. A club gives you plenty of chances to practice your language skills. More importantly, you’ll be practicing in a new environment, possibly speaking with people who aren’t in the same classes as you are. That means you might learn some new words.

6. Practice teamwork

Campus clubs and organizations often have specific goals they are trying to accomplish. Whether you are helping to plan a ski trip or raising funds for a nonprofit organization, you have to work together with others in the club the achieve your shared goal.

7. Take a break from studying

Of course, studying is your first priority. You want to do well in college and that means spending time with your books and flashcards. However, you can’t study all day, every day. Taking a break to do something fun will help you feel happier and more focused.

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