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Many students who study engineering wish to design the next big product that will change the world. However, a great number of engineers do not understand how to market or sell their products. They have the technical skills to build something amazing, but they lack the business knowledge to promote what they built. In today’s global economy, it is especially important for recent graduates to have strong business acumen so that they can stand out. This is why the International Accelerator Program at the University of South Carolina, ranked by U.S. News Global Education as a top international-friendly university, has recently launched a new M.S. program in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering to international students in the program.

Combine engineering and business

The unique program allows students to gain expertise in engineering and business in just one year of study. The degree, which offers graduate students the opportunity to take classes in both the nationally acclaimed Moore School of Business and the College of Engineering and Computing, is the first of its kind in the state of South Carolina. Now accepting applicants until July 11 through the International Accelerator Program, the M.S. in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering will welcome its first class of IAP students this fall.

Gain business skills

The program is aimed at students with STEM backgrounds, and will teach students about the entrepreneurial skills they need to thrive in today’s global economy centered around innovation and science. Through their courses, students can learn about product management, legal issues surrounding inventions, raising capital, and launching new ventures.

“Companies are looking for individuals who are able to develop innovative solutions and who can successfully bring innovation to market,” says Professor Ehsan Jabbarzadeh, Director of Entrepreneurship at the College of Engineering and Computing at the University of South Carolina.

Improve your professional profile

Today’s job market is highly competitive, and employers want to see that applicants have important soft skills. Having business skills makes engineers much more desirable when they apply for jobs. While the degree program at University of South Carolina is new to the International Accelerator Program, the benefits of engineers taking business classes are well-documented. A few years ago, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers published an articlehighlighting why it is smart to combine engineering and business. Specifically, many Asian companies are being threatened by the increased globalization of international markets, so many companies are looking for innovators to help drive business growth.

Make connections and expand your network

Another advantage of enrolling in USC’s Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering program is that it will allow engineering students to meet and network with other students and faculty outside the area of engineering. The program will open up a world of business connections and professional relationships that will help students in their engineering ventures later in life. Furthermore, according to Professor Jabbarzadeh, “The knowledge gained in this one-year degree will enhance students’ career marketability and open up career opportunities that require a combination of business/technology skills such as project management, business developments and management consulting.”

Learn more

For students looking to combine engineering and business skills, improve their viability in the job market, and build their professional network, University of South Carolina’s M.S. program in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering is a great choice. Click here to learn more about University of South Carolina, and click here to learn more about its International Accelerator Program.