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To have a successful hospitality career you need to keep up with the latest travel trends. Like any other industry, the travel and tourism industry is impacted by technology and finances, and these influences can have surprising results on the industry. Here are five travel trends to prepare for in 2019.

Top destinations are changing

Maui, Hawaii saw the biggest increase in interest by travelers according to the Kayak 2018 Travel Hacker Guide. Spain is also becoming more popular. Online booking sites have noticed increased searches for travel to Barcelona and Madrid. In fact, Spain is the world’s second most popular tourist destination after France according to the World Tourism Council.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Las Vegas, Nevada also saw increases in searches over the past year, which means they’re likely to see many new travelers in 2019. These travel destinations are great places to start or continue a career in hospitality.

Budgets are getting bigger

People are interested in spending on experiences rather than buying more goods. As a result, travelers are spending more. The average traveler from the United States will spend $6,080 USD on an international trip. In the European Union, Germans spend the most per trip, and French travelers increased their spend 62% over the past year.

Professionals in the travel industry might benefit from learning German or French in addition to improving their English-language skills.

Business travel is holding steady

Business travel has been growing steadily over the past few years. Economic and political factors might slow this growth in 2019, but business travel is still a big industry. Even though only 12% of airline passengers are business travelers, they spend twice as much as leisure travelers.

Understanding the needs and expectations of business travelers can make you more successful in the hospitality industry and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Adventure Trips are Becoming More Popular

Many travelers are looking for adventure. They want to see the wonders of the world, try unique local cuisine, and visit world-famous theme parks according to Visiting remote locations, driving on long-distance road trips or taking surf lessons are also popular options.

More people are looking for winter-themed adventures like skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing. Many winter travelers also want to see how people in other countries celebrate holidays like Christmas and New Year’s.

These travelers are looking for grand adventure, big excitement, and the opportunity to step away from their daily lives. Providing travelers with new and memorable experiences will be an important part of any hospitality-related job.

Tech and mobile is more important

Technology is becoming more important for communicating with and attracting travelers. According to Oliver Heckmann, Google’s Vice President of Engineering for Travel and Shopping, almost 60% of consumers want to see artificial intelligence included in their travel experience and 36% of consumers are willing to pay more for personalized experiences.

Understanding how technology works can help you connect with travelers and create their dream trip.

Earn your post-graduate degree in hospitality and start building the skills you need to keep up with the latest travel trends.