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Beijing, China – U.S. News Global Education announced today the appointment of Kevin Zheng, Executive Vice President of JJL Overseas Education Consulting & Service Co., to the company’s Advisory Board. The first member of the board, Zheng will provide industry guidance and strategic advice to help evaluate universities and determine their suitability for international students.

“The development of an Advisory Board is a significant milestone for U.S. News Global Education, and we’re pleased to call on Kevin Zheng as our first member,” said Michael Huckaby, Managing Director for U.S. News Global Education. “This new development allows us to engage and collaborate with industry leaders, and heed their advice on insights and market trends.”

Zheng brings over 17 years of experience in international education. He joined JJL in 2001 and is currently a board member and the executive vice president of JJL, overseeing the company’s Beijing-U.S. Consulting Center, Application Center and Global Development Center. He is also acting director of the entire JJL U.S. business line. Zheng’s direct contact with prospective international students and deep understanding of their needs will be a substantial asset to the board. With an extensive understanding of global rankings and the China market, plus a deep expertise in international education, he is a natural fit to provide counsel.

“I’m thrilled to work with U.S. News Global Education to provide important insight on Chinese students looking to study in the U.S., and help recognize universities that will properly support them on campus,” said Zheng. “U.S. News Global Education is a leading source of information for students looking to study in the U.S., and I’m fortunate to collaborate with their team and help them better serve students.”

U.S. News Global Education’s Advisory Board is an innovative collaboration between industry professionals and the company, helping to clarify market nuances and provide a strategic new dimension of analysis. The board will commence in January 2018, and looks to add strategic members from around the world.

About U.S. News Global Education

U.S. News Global Education combines U.S. News’ authoritative rankings with international student expertise to support students seeking higher education in the United States. International students and their families have access to insights and analysis in order to make better, more informed university selections. U.S. News Global Education also supports international students through the research and application process by providing immediate access and enrollment. For more information, please visit

About JJL

JJL Overseas Education Consulting & Service Co., Ltd, founded in 1999, affiliated to JJL Group, is one of the first study abroad service providers jointly approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. JJL has an exclusive expert panel of advisers to the president, consisting of 18 former education counselors from the embassies of the People’s Republic of China in ten different countries, as well as a professional team of over 2,300 employees across China. JJL has had more than a decade of international education consulting experience, and has helped hundreds of thousands of successful students realize their dream of studying abroad.


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